Distance Healing

Distant healing is an ancient practice still widely spread throughout the world nowadays. Over thousands of years human beings have developed various distant healing techniques, from prayer to shamanic rituals and healing intention meditations. Distant healing practices can significantly expand the capacity of people to facilitate healing of their loved ones and to accelerate self-healing.

Everyone, and everything, is connected. Quantum physics brings science and spirituality together in this regard. Distance Healing can be done with people and animals all over the world. Clients can feel the positive effects, which are often dramatic and permanent. Some of them can actually see guides and angels. Some people smell lovely fragrances as I do distant healing work with them. Your animals will definitely feel the Distance Healing work.

Scientific Foundation

What the healers, shamans, and practitioners of holistic medicine have known for thousands of years modern science is now beginning to understand and explain. Recent discoveries in quantum physics now provide the scientific underpinning for many of the holistic healing phenomena including the innovation of CBD oil and other pain healing products..

Time is not fixed, nor is it linear, only flowing in one direction. Time is fluid and flows both forwards and backwards simultaneously. Your future can thus affect your as much as your past. Your past can be altered as much as your future. From this perspective everything is happening at once, there is no past and no future, only the present moment.

What science is also revealing about space or “distance” between objects is that they are actually not separate as they may seem. Though we experience things as being separate from us this again is merely a perception of our belief in the illusion that time and space are fixed.

There are many ways one might understand how distance healing works. Much of our everyday experience involves the transfer of energy over long distances. The healing frequencies travel great distances in short amounts of time such as radio waves. Some have described the “life energy” used by healers as a subtle energy that is “faster than light energy” (Richard Gerber, MD, Vibrational Medicine).

From another viewpoint, it is not necessary for the energy to “travel” anywhere as some models describe the universe as being like a holograph, where the whole is contained in every part. Time and distance are only concepts which help define our reality. The Holographic Universe by Talbot is especially fascinating in this regard.

The laws which define energies are different than those which describe the physical body. As physics explores deeper and deeper “layers” of the structure of creation, phenomena are less and less “localized”. Some physicists describe a “unified field” which is “non-local”.

Many have had the experience of telepathic connection with someone else in which one senses what is happening with the other person. An energy healer doing distance healing can sense the presence of the client and affect the client’s energy field through this same kind of “sensing”.

Distant Healing Studies and Articles

Over the past thirty years, significant scientific research has been conducted on the potential effectiveness and value of distant healing practices. The practice of distant healing is drawing increased attention as an important component of integral medicine models that blend a range of approaches to health and healing. Many leading health professionals and spiritual leaders believe distant healing practices may significantly expand the capacity to facilitate healing.

Reports and studies in this section offer the analysis of leading researchers in the field:

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Articles and Archives

“How Healing Happens: Exploring the nonlocal gap” by Larry Dossey
“NIH Grant to Study Distant Healing and Placebo” by Marilyn Schlitz
“Directed Prayer & Conscious Intention: Demonstrating the power of distant healing” by Marilyn Schlitz with Nola Lewis
“Healing at a Distance: Playing your part in dad’s bypass” by Elisabeth Targ