Healing Services & Fees

Andy Baritchi offers you distance healing services that will be beneficial for you, your family, your animal friends, homes and workspaces.

If, after connecting with Andy, you decide to accept his healing services, he does charge for his work. Due to the large number of requests, he will be able to honor yours in 24 hours, so please make sure you book your healing session in advance. Andi’s healing work has immediate noticeable effects, and also continues to work over time.

Healing Services Fees

Distance Healing Session – $75
Distance Animal Healing Session – $200
Distance Space Clearing (homes, land, etc) – $300

Andi Baritchi and his unique healing methods are dedicated to improving the quality of all aspects of your life. He offers a wide variety of healing sessions at a distance. Whether your seeking assistance with:

  • Physical Issues such as disease, illness, injury, allergies, stress, fatigue, phobias, etc.
  • Release of emotional, mental, spiritual Blockages preventing you / loved ones from achieving harmony and balance, etc.
  • Remove Negativites from the energy system, Chakra cleansing, activate positive new energies.
  • or some other things that are not listed here.

Simply send an email to [email protected] with useful information related to the person, animal friend, space or situation that requires healing.

Fair exchange policy

Andi’s work is governed by the Universal Laws of the Universe. He has always incorporated the rule of fair exchange into his healing work.

Universal Laws apply everywhere and to everyone. They cannot be changed and cannot be broken. The Universal Laws are viewed as guidelines that place you in the flow. Following these guidelines assists and enhances each part of your life: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.