When we got home from work on Friday we took the dogs for a walk and were they full of themselves! They ran like nuts the entire walk!

The next couple of days they were “settled” – very composed and obedient. Both still ask to go out in the middle of the night though. The paint horse (has stiffness issues) was more mobile and more expressive after the energy work. He benefited the most visibly of all 3 animals and he was the one who needed it the most.


Thank you so much for your healing. Yes, I do have chest and back and stomach especially my back pain. Also,my business and finances needed some boosting. Yesterday, I was really tired, today I find myself really alert and energetic.
Looking forward in the near future to have some specific things done to me.

Edwin Po

Dear Andy, I cannot put into words what your assistance today means to me. I feel as if a cloud has been lifted from all around my being. I look forward to updating you as I move forward.

M.B., Sydney